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This community is for the posting and civil discussion of any sort of ideas by any and all Furries regarding life and living and regarding the universe and our place in it. Just as there are groups for Furries who like to cook or Furries who follow certain religions, here, too, is a community for Furries interested in sharing deep thoughts and ideas, debating and discussing matters of ethics, of knowing, of truth, and of logic and reasoning. Discuss philosophy, politics, and religion here, if you like. The rules for participation are simple and should be rather obvious: Be civil to one another--no ad hominem attacks, and please try not to construct straw men fallacies. Other fallacies of debate will be corrected as they arise from users, as this community should be moderated by all members--not just the creator/maintainer. Any sort of prejudice or bigoted attitudes presented against members will not be tolerated; a place of open-minded thinking and exchange of ideas is no place for bigotry. Otherwise, have fun, and post whatever ramblings may come to your mind, whatever questions your heart may ask! The Furry perspective may just bring about an answer you did not wholly expect...