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To Soapbox or Not To Soapbox

It seems to be a common thread, many thinkers are also fiction writers.  Fiction is probably the best way to explore a hypothetical "what if," test it out, and see how plausible it sounds.  That said, fiction also is something of a vacuum in which you can make just about any idea work.

Anyway, my biggest question is about personal preferences.  To those who write fiction, how much of your own thoughts about issues do you inject?  Do you make an effort not to become too wrapped up in declaring your stance on everything?  Do you just casually let the chips fall where they may?  Or maybe you are very open and blatant about what you put into your fictional stories.

I tend to try to keep a certain distance between a lot of my ideas and the stories I write.  I do have some stories that usually have themes related to my ideas, but I try to make that secondary to telling a good story and making the chemistry between the characters believable.   My characters may go through the same inner monologues I do, but usually come to vastly different conclusions about how to handle things.  They're products of their own time and place, and I sort of let the story write itself that way.

Of course, I've read works by some authors who were able to write decent work without even going into the nuances of their characters' thought processes, and those whose every story embodies their values to the point of being unreadable.  How do you write yours? 
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