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Late Hellos

Hello everyone, sorry I hadn't posted anything sooner.

I'm Threetails, most of my friends even call me "Three" IRL.  I've been a fur since about 2002 and I've been a deep thinker for most of my life.

I don't know how to describe my personal philosophy; it's sort of still under construction, but I guess it borrows ideas from a lot of different philosophies and combines them in a new way.

The gist of it is to allow people to make as many decisions on their own as possible, but always with the pretext of having been informed first.  In that respect I hold truth as the highest virtue because only when the truth is known can people act in a healthy and rational way on their own accord.  I hold prohibition culture as the greatest vice because prohibition- whether it be of a device, a substance, or a way of thinking- automatically assumes that the better part of society is in need of a paternal state.  I see prohibition as the pretext to fascism and all forms of oppression.

I also value a certain benevolence.  People should have consequences for their mistakes, but they should also have the chance to learn from them and move on in their lives without having to revisit them incessantly.  In allowing people to make their own choices it is inevitable that certain mistakes will be made, and rather than legislate against these I believe that these mistakes are the necessary cost of liberty. 

I believe in giving the chance for redemption until such time as someone has proven a pathological offender; I also believe in investing more into good, objective science to permanently cure the pathological offender rather than force them to either become a prisoner or a casualty.  I am convinced that more than the subjective idea of justice, the objective idea of redemption and rehabilitation are the key to allowing people to grow from their mistakes rather than diminish from them. 

I also have some very interesting thoughts about how philosophy and science have divorced from one another, and how the two might eventually come to a point of harmony when certain theories of the mind are reconciled, but I think I'll save that for another entry.
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