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Heavy Question Time: Science in the worst possible hands

In Science class at the moment it's turning into a RS lesson because we're learning about what horrors science can lead to if not watched and put into the wrong hands, and how ironicly that can completely go against the good intenions of the scientists who researched into what influenced it. For example theres a famous poem:

Einstein's eyes
were filled with tears
when he heard about Hiroshima.

Mr. Tamihi
had no eyes left
to show his grief

Nobel must have been ticked when he made dynamite to be used to prevent deaths. Because unlike say volatile gunpowder, which burns rapidly. It detonates, and only under very precise circumstances. But soon after dynamite was re-purosed as a weapon and killed many.

Fritz Haber looked into and revolutionised pesticides which would in the long run save a good BILLION people from the agonising death of starvation. But he allowed that information to go the Germans who used his creations as weapons used in the trenchs and later in the Holocaust gas chambers. Fritz's wife commited suicide in the shame of what her husband inspired.

But heres the question. What if Charles Darwin lived to see the Holocaust? What would he think of the hell that he indirectly concieved? Would he be happy with it?
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