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I was thinking about this earlier today when I was playing with my dog and recalling how canines are designed to walk on their toes, and how a 42-pound Husky being supported by only the toe bones of four narrow limbs seems almost too painful to think about, if it were myself in the same design--but then of course, nature had me evolve differently. ;)

Nevertheless, it got me thinking about pain in general, and specifically about how we have this notion of putting people out of their misery when they are suffering and in pain...and it made me realize, aren't we ALL suffering? Aren't we ALL in some degree of pain? Our bodies are not perfect, and they deteriorate over time. Many people endure all sorts of ailments and limitations of both the mind and the body, and yet continue to live fulfilling, successful lives. I'm no doctor, and I haven't studied medicine at all, so I cannot claim to know if this has been addressed at large by the medical community, but it still makes me wonder: Where do we draw the line? If we are all in some sort of pain, and all our experiences are wholly subjective, who is one person to say that another person's pain is too much to bear, that this other person should be put out of his or her alleged misery? Do we let the individual decide? Should there be a standard for a threshold of pain? How do we know if someone has experienced their own personal limits or not, and can we trust their own assessments of themselves? What if they're just a "pansy," or what if they're "trying too hard to be the tough guy"? Is the old adage of "that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" really a good and true credo by which to live?

Well, at least, I'm glad that the pain of my daily workout is over for now. ;)
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