slothpuck (slothpuck) wrote in furry_thinkers,

Are there parallels between today and 100 years ago?

Ok, here's something to think about!

Around 100 years ago at the turn of the last century, what happened? The century started off with hope which soon evaporated, there was a large scale war followed by a brief stint of economic growth before finally ending in a cataclysmic war involving all countries.

And you had people back then who although celebrated the turn of the century were unhappy because they saw the current political system in vogue at the time to be somewhat unrepresentitve, old hat - it had its day if you will. And said system had been in existance for a fair degree of time too. Also there was facist/racist literature avaliable then (even before the rise of hitler's party in germany).

Does this not all sound familiar? Isn't a lot of this happening right now? Although it won't be to the same timescales, methods anad styles could we be replaying out what happened 100 years ago in our own time? Are there parallels beween 1900-1939 and 2000- ?

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